Hi, I'm Michelle

I help and support mums who are going through a challenging time with their child and feel emotionally overwhelmed

Feel overwhelmed?

Are you missing the best part of being a mum because you are stuck in this feeling of overwhelm...

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Sound familiar?

Being a mum is harder than I ever imagined, should it really be this stressful

I feel like I am missing the best bits of being a mum because I am stuck in a feeling of overwhelm

Why do all the other mums seem to be coping better than me, what am I doing wrong?

Why is my child different?  Why am I facing all these challenges?


"Michelle's ability to help me clear unhelpful emotions and replace them with more helpful thoughts is truly astounding".

— Clare, Life Coach

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"I was struggling with anxiety and didn't know why.  Michelle helped me discover where that came from and I was able to work through it and release so much past guilt, I felt physically lighter"

— Natalie, Mum of 3

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